"It's normally a 4 day project for us to migrate data to an Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and you've compressed that into a few hours"

Data Platform Studio makes your first data migration into Azure SQL Data Warehouse simple. We make intelligent choices that guarantee your data is migrated successfully first time. That's less time worrying about migrating data and more time to evaluate Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Work with your Azure subscription

We’ve completely integrated Data Platform Studio with Microsoft Azure, right down to the account login. As soon as you login to Data Platform Studio with your Microsoft Azure account, Data Platform Studio knows about the whereabouts and status of all your Microsoft Azure resources.

Sign in with your Azure account

Signing into Data Platform Studio with your Azure account

Data security and sovereignty

Not only do we understand how important the security of your data is, we also recognise how important it is to be confident that you’re not contravening regulations such as data sovereignty.

The Data Platform Studio Gateway runs on a machine local to your network. It’s responsible for making an encrypted connection between your network and your Microsoft Azure resources. The Gateway is prepared and finger-printed, making it unique to your account, ensuring that only you have access to your data.

Data never passes through Data Platform Studio servers - only between your local machine and your Azure resource.

Gateways can be managed from Data Platorm Studio, so you know which machines on your network have a connection to your Azure subscription and you can sever their connection with a single click.

Begin your first Azure SQL Data Warehouse import

illustration of the network > gateway > azure blob/dw architecture

Efficiency and compatibility

Extraction and upload

So you can move large volumes of data efficiently, Data Platform Studio parallelizes the extraction, compression and upload of your data to Blob Storage.

Data Platform Studio gives particular care to make the data compatible with Polybase, the most efficient way to move data from Blob storage into Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Intelligent fixes

Azure SQL Data Warehouse doesn't support the full set of types available in SQL Server. Data Platform Studio makes smart choices to transform your schema and data to ensure that it can be imported. Data Platform Studio also overcomes limitations specific to Polybase, such as the 32Kb row limit.

gif of the upload dials

Ready to import into Azure SQL Data Warehouse?

Take control of your data with Redgate Data Platform Studio

At Redgate, we've got over 15 years of experience building applications for database professionals. We know what's needed to create and maintain on-premise databases and we understand the challenges your organization faces in order to harness the power of Microsoft Azure.

Data Platform Studio is being built with one objective, to help solve those problems for you.

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